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CD(Lossless)SoundtracksGrim Fandango Original Game Soundtrack
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NameGrim Fandango Original Game Soundtrack (APE)(FLAC)(Lossless)
Track listing
[01:06]01.Casino Calavera
[02:16]02.Swanky Maximino
[02:00]03.Smooth Hector
[02:19]04.Mr. Frustration Man
[00:55]05.Hector Steps Out
[01:23]06.Hi-Tone Fandango
[00:23]07.She Sailed Away
[01:43]08.High Roller
[01:02]09.Domino's In Charge
[01:08]10.Trouble With Carla
[01:10]11.Blue Casket Bop
[01:15]12.Manny's Office
[01:59]14.Blue Hector
[01:02]15.This Elevator is Slow
[01:00]17.Don Copal
[01:07]18.Neon Ledge
[01:27]19.Neuvo Marrow
[02:11]20.Gambling Glottis
[00:18]21.Raoul Appears
[00:54]23.Talking Limbo
[01:09]24.Coaxing Meche
[02:14]25.Lost Souls' Alliance
[00:59]26.Los Angelitos
[01:24]27.The Enlightened Forest
[01:43]28.Temple Gate
[01:18]29.Ninth Heaven
[02:16]31.Manny & Meche
[01:28]32.Bone Wagon
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