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DVD/VCDConcerts & MusicWarcon Records (DVD)
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NameWarcon Records
File NameWARCON3.iso
Size5,721,817,088 bytes (5.32 GB)
Product Description

01.Adair - The Diamond Ring
02.Sevendust - Failure
03.Street Drum Corps - Flaco 81
04.Timeless - Thunderhawk
05.Dir En Grey - Saku
06.Amped - Broken

01.Story of The Year - We Don't Care Anymore
02.Korn - Twisted Transistor
03.Ernie Ball - Battle of The Bands Promo
04.Opiate for The Masses - Up to me (Warped Tour)
05.Queens of The Stone Age - Little Sister
06.The Smashup - Effigy
07.My American Heart - The Process
08.Dir En Grey - The Final
09.Bleed The Dream - Just Like I Remember
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