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PC GAMEAdventure,PuzzleThe Vortex - Quantum Gate II (1994)(3CD)
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Product Details
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NameThe Vortex - Quantum Gate II (1994)(CD1)
File NameVORTEX_1.iso
Size655,026,176 bytes (624.6 MB)
NameThe Vortex - Quantum Gate II (1994)(CD2)
File NameVORTEX_2.iso
Size630,593,536 bytes (601.3 MB)
NameThe Vortex - Quantum Gate II (1994)(CD3)
File NameVORTEX_3.iso
Size597,442,560 bytes (569.7 MB)
Product Description

The Vortex, sequel to Quantum Gate is a cinematic journey of a young soldier (Drew Griffin) in a peculiar hostile world where he fights for his life. You decide Drew's fate by making inquires and displaying emotions that will guide his actions from a first person perspective just like many other interactive movies.

Packed with full motion video (FMV) clips on 3 CDs, Quantum Gate II features HyperBole's VirtualCinema technology, designed to take full advantage of Multimedia PC platform.
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