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SOFTWAREApplicationCorelDRAW 7.0
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CorelDRAW 7.0
Price: $3.9
Some of the old software before 2010 may not be able to install/run normally on x64 or Windows 10 systems. Be aware of it before purchasing it.
Product Details
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NameCorelDRAW 7.0
File NameCD7_PROGRAM.iso
Size564,885,504 bytes (538.7 MB)
Product Description

CorelDRAW is a vector graphics editor developed and marketed by Corel Corporation.

CorelDRAW 7.0 New Features:

Context-sensitive Property bar, Print Preview with Zoom and Pan options, Scrapbook (for viewing a drag-and-dropping graphic objects), Publish to HTML option, Draft and Enhanced display options, Interactive Fill and Blend tools, Transparency tools, Natural Pen tool, Find & Replace wizard, Convert Vector to Bitmap option (inside Draw), Spell checker, Thesaurus and Grammar checker. The suite included Corel Scan and Corel Barista (a Java-based document exchange format).
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