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NameBorland C++ Builder Professional 1.0 (1997)
File NameCBP10.iso
Size336,828,416 bytes (321.2 MB)
Product Description

First released in 1997, Borland C++ Builder is a Rapid Application Design environment that uses the C++ language, but includes the same GUI IDE as Borland Delphi. It includes the Delphi compiler and can make use of Delphi code in C++ projects. Borland C++ Builder replaces Borland C++ product.

C++Builder provides a rapid application development (RAD) environment and tools to help you create 32-bit Windows applications. It combines the visual development environment of Delphi with cached, pre-compiled headers and incremental/smart linking to provide fast-turnaround cycles while developing projects. C++Builder also provides a visual development environment with database connectivity.

C++Builder's design incorporates most Delphi interface and development components, but generates C++ code for projects, forms, units, and database modules. C++Builder contains two compilers, a C++ compiler and an Object Pascal compiler. Along with the code generated by C++Builder, the C++ compiler accepts all the code you have created with Borland C++ 5.0x. Similarly, the Object Pascal compiler compiles all Object Pascal code generated by Delphi 2.0.

In addition, C++Builder uses the same Visual Component Library (VCL) components as Delphi, which you will find on the C++Builder Component palette.
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