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PC GAMEPuzzle, Strategy & SimulationLode Runner 2 (BIN+CUE)
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Product Details
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NameLode Runner 2 (BIN)
File NameLR2.BIN
Size640,400,208 bytes (610.7 MB)
NameLode Runner 2 (CUE)
File NameLR2.CUE
Size440 bytes (440 B)
Product Description

Players can play as a woman or a man, named Jake and Jane Peril according to the manual, but the player's default name is Digmo (which is changeable). The goal is to collect gold to advance to the next level, avoiding the Mad Monks along the way. However, instead of the usual sidescroller, players are able to move in six different directions on a freeform map (accounting for falling and going up and down ladders). There are separate levels designed for cooperation, as well as Deathmatch in multiplayer mode.
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