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SOFTWAREApplicationMacromedia Multimedia Showcase 4.0
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Product Details
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NameMacromedia Multimedia Showcase 4.0
File NameSHOWCASE.iso
Size652,802,048 bytes (622.5 MB)
Product Description

Macromedia's Multimedia Showcase CD-ROM provides an interactive road map to the products and services offered by Macromedia. The Multimedia Showcase gives you detailed explanations of the Macromedia tools that power your ideas. Preview valuable information on Macromedia's product line; testimonials and example files from leading multimedia developers; fully functional working models that let you try out our software; and guided product demonstration files that take you step-by-step through Macromedia's most popular applications including Authorware Professional, Director, FreeHand, MacroModel, Fontographer, SoundEdit 16, Action! and ClipMedia.
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